International Council on Monuments and Sites







Changing World, Changing Views of Heritage:
The Impact of Global Change on Cultural Heritage
2010 Theme: Heritage and Social Change.

Saturday, 30 October 2010
Dublin Castle Conference Centre, Dublin, Ireland


In Quebec City, Canada, on the occasion of the Scientifi c Council meeting in September 2008 at the 16th ICOMOS General Assembly, a task force of 14, representing 14 of 28 International Scientifi c Committees and two National Committee Presidents, met to debate and propose the themes for the next two Advisory Committee meeting Scientific Symposia. The themes selected evolve from the ongoing interdisciplinary research on Global Climate Change and its effects on cultural heritage, and build on the 2007 Pretoria Scientifi c Symposium on this topic. They were presented to the Advisory Committee and adopted at the 16th General Assembly. The theme for 2009 was Technological Change, held in Valletta, Malta on 7 October 2009, and for 2010, Social Change. The three change themes are intended to address ICOMOS challenges in a rapidly changing world.

The ICOMOS Symposium on Social Change also coincides with UNESCO’s adoption of 2010 as the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures and ICOMOS’ choice of Agricultural Heritage as the theme for the 2010 International Day for Monuments and Sites on 18 April.